Power Breaker Safety RCD

Plug For added protection against the risk of electrocution - be safe not sorry. (Product Code A10)


Hose Bag

Large type will hold 15 metres hose. Strong PVC, zip fastening, carrying handles. Keep hoses clean and neat and promote a professional image. (Product Code A15)

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Hose Bag Extra Large


(Product Code A15L)
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Respirator (inc. Filters)

Double carbon filter type - recommended for operators safety when using solvents and acoustic ceiling cleaning. (Product Code A19) Carbon Filter Assembly Refill (Product Code A20)

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Scrub Pads

Tough nylon professional scrub pads. For use on stubborn stains and awkward shapes and areas. May be cut to easy-to-handle size. (Product Code A13/13A)

Scrub Pads Fine
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Scrub Pads Course
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Machine fill Hose

For direct tap to supply tank filling labour saving - eliminates spillage, fits most taps. (Product Code A16)

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Nitrile Gauntlets

Recommended for operators safety when handling solvents and ceiling cleaning solutions etc. (Product Code A21)

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Foil Protectors

Use to protect damp freshly cleaned carpets against possible staining from furniture studs/castors etc during the drying process. Packed 1,000 box. (Product Code A14)

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Buckets - fill/Empty

3 gallon sturdy buckets. Use one for clean solution only, and another for dirty recovered solution. Easy pour spout, light yellow colour allows your customers to see the dirty recovered solution. (Product Code A17)

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