A 7 gallon hot water extraction machine, suitable for both domestic and light commercial work. Also popular for car valeting work. A compact machine with good performance, it teams up well with the 10" Mini or 13" DeLuxe Scrubba tools. Can be used with up to 27 metres of hoses.

  • Rugged construction.
  • High power.
  • Waste level safety cut out and filter
  • Easy prime pump.
  • Lamb Ametek 3 stage Super Vac - 183mm dia (7.4" dia) Part Code SP55.
  • Lid on both supply and waste tank.
  • Simple to use control panel with electrical connection point for Scrubba tools, all mounted above water levels.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Fully dialable heater control.
  • Twin power leads.
  • Comes complete, as shown, with 10" wide carpet tool and 7.5 m of hoses.
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • 12 months warranty on components.
  • 3 years warranty on glass fibre body.

£1300 Ex VAT

Construction Top quality glass fibre body, chemical and heat resistant, mounted on 4 full swivel castors. Non marking PVC seal-strip bumper trim. Two view-thru lids with stainless steel surround. Two position fold over handle.

Dimensions Weight 68 lbs (31 kg). Height 25½". Length 27" overall. Width 17½".

Capacity Supply tank 7 gallons (32 litres). Recovery tank 5 gallons (23 litres).

Vacuum Lamb Ametek 3 stage Super Vac - 183mm dia (7.4" dia) giving 140" water lift - New improved design with 20% increased efficiency and noise reduction over the standard 3 stage. Part Code SP55.

Pump Self priming 50psi - Can be run dry without damage - Long life design - Smooth quiet operation (100psi option available).

Heater System Fitted as standard. Reliable immersion type. 3 kw with safety cut-out. Full dialable thermostat control.

Hose 7.5m Heavy duty 1½" dia vacuum hose. Solution hose 5/16th" bore, high pressure non marking rubber compound. Top quality brass double shut off couplings.

Drain Valve 1½" full port opening with renewable seal.

Carpet Tool Type C 10" wide tool. Polished cast alloy head, single spray jet, centrally positioned handle for left or right handed use. Optional 12" tool available.

Electric System Convenient height control panel with illuminated switches fitted with splashproof covers, all above water level, twin power leads enables operation of heater together with motors. Built-in electrical point connection point for the use of Scrubba tools.


Shown with optional Mini Scrubba



Simple to use switch panel safety mounted above water level. Featuring fully dialable heater control control and scrubba tool socket.

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