Extracta Products, are probably the only company who design, manufacture and supply cleaning equipment. Every stage of the manufacturing is 'in house'.


The fibreglass bodies are now available in a range of attractive colours, each finished off flawlessly by hand and all with Extracta's remarkably robust construction - an essential advantage with the day to day knocks of the business.

The electronics systems also are designed and manufactured by us, as indeed are the related fittings and accessories.

Then forwarded through for assembly of the electrics, motors, and fittings, and tested at every stage.

Through to testing bay - where each machine goes through a rigorous programme to check for maximum performance. Then onto the electrical test bay where the details of that particular machine are programmed into a sophisticated computerized test centre.


From this stage, everything is manufactured on site. There are furnaces for smelting the metals, the castings from which are subsequently machined by Extracta. Our appliances are so unique that many of the tools used to manufacture them are even machined by us.


Now the computer takes over and goes through a variety of overload and stress tests which put the machine through severe conditions and then monitors for any defects. Finally a printout is given with the results. This printout is supplied with every new piece of equipment.


From design, the glass fibre casing is produced from top quality materials. Glass fibre having the benefit of being heat resistant to over 100ºC, is tough and durable, in the event of any damage is fully repairable - compared to other machine casings manufactured from moulded plastic which is unable to withstand excess temperatures and can not be successfully repaired.

You can always be sure of the Extra in Extracta!