The Power Sprayer is an essential piece of equipment for the easy and efficient application of all pre-sprays, fabric protectors, anti-static treatment, fire retardants and acoustic ceiling cleaning solutions. The chemical resistant pump provides constant spray pressure. Easy to use - the sprayer unit connects simply and quickly to the selected solution container ready for use.

  • Highly chemical resistant
  • Sturdy construction
  • Robust components
  • Top quality, all brass trigger valve, lance and quick release jet
  • No hand pumping
  • Total self priming
  • Gives constant pressure, essential for fabric protection
  • Fan spray pattern for accurate coverage
  • Can spray solvents, bleaches etc
  • Application of pre-spotter, anti-static fabric protector or flame retardant to carpets and upholstery.

    No fuss, no mess, no waste. Simple action will flush system and recover unused substance directly back into container.



We advise protective safety wear is used for this operation.

Unique portable carrying unit holds
3 containers, Power sprayer and Lance
for convenient carrying and storage.


A1HP-High Pressure Power Sprayer
Price £267.00 Qty:
A1-Power Sprayer
Price £246.00 Qty:
A2-Stainless Steel Pump-up Sprayer
Price £198.00 Qty:
A3-Spray Lance 18" inc 3mtrs hose
Price £43.00 Qty:
A4-Telescopic Extension Unit
Price £49.00 Qty: